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In this Friday, April 17, 2020 photo, Sarah Mason, from Covina, joins a crowd of people gathered at the corner of Main Street and Walnut Avenue in Huntington Beach, Calif., to protest the COVID-19 coronavirus closures. On Friday, May 1, 2020, The Associated Press reported on an altered version of this photo circulating online changed to show the the sign reading, “Barack 6 Hussein 7 Obama 5 COVID = 19 OPEN YOUR EYES.” The actual sign reads, “Give me liberty or give me death.” (Jeff Gritchen/The Orange County Register via AP)

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn't happen this week

May. 1, 2020 6:03 PM EDT

A roundup of some of the most popular but completely untrue stories and visuals of the week. None of these are legit, even though they were shared widely on social media. The Associated Press checked them out. Here are the facts: ___ CLAIM: Photo shows Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden kissing a young...