Review: Seattle Police Officer Followed Rules In Shooting

SEATTLE (AP) — A police accountability office in Washington state has said a police officer followed proper procedures last year when he shot at a suspect who threw a flaming piece of lumber inside the officer's vehicle.

An officer with the Seattle Police Department responded in October 2020 to a report of a 37-year-old man walking around with a flaming piece of lumber in South Lake Union, near the Space Needle, KING-TV reported.

Authorities said the suspect, who was not identified, ran up to the police officer's patrol car and stuck the piece of wood in the vehicle, injuring the officer and destroying the vehicle. The officer, who also was not identified, fired seven shots at the suspect in response as the man was running away, authorities said.

The suspect was not injured but was later arrested. It was not immediately known if he was charged.

The Office of Police Accountability said a citizen who was not involved or present at the scene filed a complaint with the agency alleging the officer violated policy when he fired at the “unarmed” suspect.

The agency said it reviewed body-worn, dashcam, surveillance and third-party video of the encounter and found that the officer's use of deadly force was reasonable because of the imminent threat of harm.

The agency also concluded that the officer did not violate his training or rules of conduct.