3 Mountain Lion Cubs Euthanized In Eastern Idaho

SUGAR CITY, Idaho (AP) — State wildlife officials have euthanized three lion cubs in southeastern Idaho.

Officials with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game captured and euthanized the cubs on Friday after they appeared in the backyards of homes in the small town of Sugar City.

The cubs had been in the area for several days before being captured by wildlife officials.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game spokesman James Brower told the East Idaho News that the mother was nowhere to be found, and the cubs were in poor health. It's not clear what happened to the mother.

“We did a pretty thorough examination of these cubs, and they were fairly emaciated," Brower said. "They were in really poor body condition, so they were not very healthy. There’s no rehabilitation center or place that you can take them to. They would have not made it on their own. They would have starved to death. They were pretty young.”