Investigators Waiting On Dna To Identity Body In Burned Car

MINOT, N.D. (AP) — Investigators in Minot say they’ll have to wait for DNA tests to confirm the identity of woman found dead in a burned vehicle.

Firefighters were alerted to burning vehicle in southeast Minot on June 3 and discovered a body inside the vehicle.

The Minot Police Department issued a news release Wednesday evening saying that their investigators have been working with the North Dakota State Forensic Examiner's Office and the state crime lab and have determined the dead person is an adult woman.

Investigators believe they know who the woman is and have been in contact with her family. They had hoped dental records would confirm her identity but have learned that won't be possible due to “extreme circumstances” surrounding the case. The news release didn't elaborate but the wording suggests the body was so badly burned dental identification isn't possible.

The department said it could take weeks to get DNA results.