3 People Dead After Fiery Multi-Vehicle Crash In Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Three people have died in a fiery multi-vehicle car crash on a highway in northern Utah near the Heber Valley Airport, authorities said.

Investigators with Utah Highway Patrol said they believe a Jeep traveling on the highway slowed down and was rear-ended by a truck, causing the Jeep to catch fire, travel into oncoming traffic and crash into an oncoming vehicle, KSTU-TV reported. The other vehicle became engulfed in flames as well.

Authorities say three people have died, but they were not identified. Police said U.S. Route 189 was closed for several hours as a result of the collision.

“As of today, Utah Highway Patrol has investigated 19 more fatalities, now add 3 more to that than we did at this point in 2020 which was already an unprecedented year for the amount of fatalities we saw on Utah’s roadways comparing it to the past 5 years,” Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Nick Street said.

Street said the department is reminding drivers to obey speed limits, avoid distracted driving and be mindful of following distance.