Hogan Names New Chief Judge To Maryland's Highest Court

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Gov. Larry Hogan appointed a new judge to Maryland’s highest court on Friday and also named a new chief judge.

Judge Steven Gould will fill the seat that will be vacant when Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera retires next week from the Court of Appeals.

Hogan also announced that Judge Joseph Getty will be the new chief judge.

Gould currently serves on the Court of Special Appeals, which is the state’s intermediate appellate court.

Getty has been a judge on the Court of Appeals since 2016. Barbera has served on the seven-member court since 2013.

The governor's office noted that Getty and Judge Robert McDonald are slated to retire next year. Hogan has directed the chief legal counsel to begin a process to identify a new chief judge and replacements for Getty and McDonald, as well as a replacement for Gould on the Court of Special Appeals.