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Republicans criticize spill of dam water to help salmon

Apr. 15, 2018 1:43 PM EDT

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Republican Congress members from the Pacific Northwest are upset with a federal judge's order to spill water from four Snake River dams to help speed migrating salmon to the Pacific Ocean. They say the water could be saved for other uses and are denouncing the spill, which began April...

Trump: US, allied strikes aimed at Syria's chemical weapons

Apr. 14, 2018 1:56 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States, France and Britain launched military strikes in Syria to punish President Bashar Assad for an apparent chemical attack against civilians and to deter him from doing it again, President Donald Trump announced Friday. Pentagon officials said the attacks targeted the heart...

Trump puts off Syria strike decision, will talk to allies

Apr. 12, 2018 6:52 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Thursday put off a final decision on possible military strikes against Syria after tweeting earlier that they could happen "very soon or not so soon at all." The White House said he would consult further with allies. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned such an...