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In this Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020 photo, Alex Otaola speaks during an interview in Miami. Otaola, a 40-year-old Cuban-born YouTube personality who has organized boycotts of Cuban figures like Gente de Zona and singer Haila MompiƩ that have led to de facto bans on their performing in South Florida. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Miami sees a return to Cold War cultural hard line on Cuba

Feb. 4, 2020 6:30 PM EST

MIAMI (AP) — Platinum-selling reggaeton act Gente de Zona were barred from a New Year’s Eve concert in a Miami park. The mayor of Miami declared another Cuban singer persona non grata and her concert in a private club was cancelled. Fellow artists Jacob Forever y El Micha were shut out of a July 4...

Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban reviews the honor guard as he arrives to meet Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte, in Rome, Monday, Feb. 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

Nationalists in Rome cheer Brexit, honor Pope John Paul II

Feb. 4, 2020 10:51 AM EST

ROME (AP) — European and American nationalists attending a conference Tuesday in Rome cheered Brexit, warned of left-wing “totalitarianism” and waxed nostalgic about St. John Paul II's papacy and the “glorious revolution” that brought down communism. The second annual National...