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Greenland to Trump: Thanks, but we're not for sale

Aug. 16, 2019 4:18 PM EDT

TASIILAQ, Greenland (AP) — Greenlanders are giving Donald Trump the cold shoulder. Although amused, they're definitely not warming up to the U.S. president's talk of buying the semiautonomous Danish territory. "We see it as an expression of greater interest in investing in our country and the possibilities...

Denmark's new center-left PM presents her government

Jun. 27, 2019 6:59 AM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark's new Social Democratic prime minister announced her government Thursday after winning the support of three smaller left-wing parties. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who at 41 is Denmark's youngest ever leader, said the party's number two, Nicolai Wammen, will be...

Social Democrats in Denmark get support to form new govt

Jun. 26, 2019 5:44 AM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Three left-wing parties in Denmark are backing the center-left Social Democrats to form a one-party minority government. The deal would make the Social Democrats' leader, 41-year-old Mette Frederiksen, the country's youngest prime minister after the left-leaning party won the...