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Urgency for vaccine grows as virus ravages China's pigs

Aug. 21, 2019 12:27 AM EDT

BEIJING (AP) — Scientists are working to develop a vaccine to help guard the world's pork supply as a deadly virus ravages Asia's pig herds. Farmers have long contained its spread by quarantining and killing infected animals, but the disease's devastating march into East Asia is intensifying the search for...

Philippines: Still-unknown disease prompts culling of pigs

Aug. 19, 2019 8:06 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine agriculture chief said Monday that an unspecified number of pigs has died or been culled in backyard farms in recent weeks and a crisis team has been established to try to contain the still-unidentified disease causing the swine deaths. Agriculture Secretary...

Chinese official: Pig fever outbreak 'complicated and grim'

Jul. 4, 2019 2:46 AM EDT

BEIJING (AP) — The death toll from a disease outbreak in China's pig herds that has pushed up global pork prices has risen to 1.2 million animals, but its spread has "significantly slowed," a deputy agriculture minister said Thursday. Authorities are stepping up efforts to contain African swine fever but...