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Warm weather forces park officials to suspend Isle Royale wolf count for first time in decades

Feb. 01, 2024 16:31 PM EST

A stretch of unusually warm weather has forced federal officials to suspend researchers' annual wolf-moose count in Isle Royale National Park for the first time in more than six decades. Isle Royale is a 134,000-acre (54,200-hectare) island situated in far western Lake Superior...

Wyoming holds off on auctioning huge piece of pristine land inside Grand Teton

Dec. 07, 2023 17:53 PM EST

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming's governor and other top leaders decided Thursday to hold off on auctioning a big chunk of state-owned land within Grand Teton National Park, choosing instead to continue negotiations with the U.S. government on a purchase or land swap for the pristine and valuable...