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Josephine Baker is 1st Black woman given Paris burial honor

Aug. 22, 2021 10:51 AM EDT

PARIS (AP) — The remains of American-born singer and dancer Josephine Baker will be reinterred at the Pantheon monument in Paris, making the entertainer who is a World War II hero in France the first Black woman to get the country’s highest honor. Le Parisien...

In Cuba, novels and news accompany rolling of cigars

Jul. 02, 2021 13:13 PM EDT

HAVANA (AP) — Every morning Odalys de la Caridad Lara Reyes gets to work, takes her seat and starts to read out loud. Usually there's a novel. She's partial to books by Victor Hugo and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Of late, during the pandemic, it's just been the news. She's...