Newport beach getting new self-pay kiosks


Visitors to Easton's Beach in Newport will no longer hand over money to a human worker to get into the parking lot.

The city has installed eight self-pay kiosks.

Although the kiosks were approved by the City Council last year before the coronavirus pandemic, city spokesman Tom Shevlin told The Newport Daily News the pay stations will provide a safer work environment for beach staff by eliminating the handling of large amounts of cash. They will also free up personnel to perform other duties.

Similar kiosks at another city lot installed last year resulted in reduced operating costs, increased collection of revenue and better customer service, he said.

The parking areas at Easton’s Beach are currently closed because of the pandemic. The reopening date remains uncertain.

The bathhouse and reserved parking programs at the beach will be discontinued for the 2020 season because of the pandemic, the city said.


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