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Bulgaria holds 5th parliamentary election in 2 years

Apr. 02, 2023 05:58 AM EDT

SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) — Bulgaria held its fifth general election in two years Sunday, which political leaders hoped would end government instability and provide a path to overcoming economic woes fueled by the war in Ukraine. Turnout was expected to be low due to voter apathy and...

War-crimes warrant for Putin could complicate Ukraine peace

Apr. 02, 2023 02:42 AM EDT

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — An international arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin raises the prospect of the man whose country invaded Ukraine facing justice, but it complicates efforts to end that war in peace talks. Both justice and peace appear to be only remote...

Ukrainian court puts an Orthodox leader under house arrest

Apr. 01, 2023 16:40 PM EDT

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — A Kyiv court ordered a leading priest to be put under house arrest Saturday after Ukraine's top security agency said he was suspected of justifying Russian aggression, a criminal offense. It was the latest move in a bitter dispute over a famed Orthodox monastery. ...

Ukraine court orders house arrest for leading Orthodox priest accused by authorities of condoning Russia’s invasion

Apr. 01, 2023 14:51 PM EDT
KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine court orders house arrest for leading Orthodox priest accused by authorities of condoning Russia’s invasion.

Chaplains made part of Ukraine's military as war drags on

Apr. 01, 2023 10:00 AM EDT

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — To the haunting chants of a church choir in Kyiv’s 11th century Saint Sophia Cathedral, the first group of chaplains to join the Ukrainian military’s command structure graduated in a ceremony Saturday. Although chaplains have ministered to Ukraine's armed...

Russia-Ukraine war: Will there be a spring counteroffensive?

Apr. 01, 2023 02:26 AM EDT

Europe’s biggest armed conflict since World War II is poised to enter a new phase in the coming weeks. With no suggestion of a negotiated end to the 13 months of fighting between Russia and Ukraine, the Ukrainian defense minister said last week that a spring counteroffensive could...

UN food chief: Billions needed to avert unrest, starvation

Mar. 31, 2023 21:56 PM EDT

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Without billions of dollars more to feed millions of hungry people, the world will see mass migration, destabilized countries, and starving children and adults in the next 12 to 18 months, the head of the Nobel prize-winning U.N. World Food Program warned Friday. ...

Wimbledon drops ban on Russians, lets them play as neutrals

Mar. 31, 2023 20:05 PM EDT

LONDON (AP) — Russian and Belarusian players will be able to compete at Wimbledon as neutral athletes after the All England Club on Friday reversed its ban from last year. The players must sign declarations of neutrality and comply with “appropriate conditions,” including not...

Russia clashes with US over tactical nukes for Belarus

Mar. 31, 2023 17:26 PM EDT

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Russia and the U.S. clashed in the United Nations on Friday over Moscow’s plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, which neighboring Ukraine denounced as a desperate Kremlin attempt to avoid military defeat and “threaten the world with nuclear apocalypse.” ...

Ukraine marks grim Bucha anniversary, calls for justice

Mar. 31, 2023 16:47 PM EDT

BUCHA, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainians marked the anniversary of the liberation of Bucha Friday with calls for remembrance and justice after a brutal Russian occupation that left hundreds of civilians dead in the streets and in mass graves, establishing the town near Kyiv as an epicenter of the war's...