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Atlanta is the only place in US to see pandas for now. But dozens of spots abroad have them

Feb. 22, 2024 20:50 PM EST

SAN DIEGO (AP) — It will still be months before the San Diego Zoo gets new pandas, the first such bears sent to the United States by China in decades. For now, the only U.S. zoo left with any is in Atlanta. But globally there are many places to check out the cuddly black-and-white...

Here's what happened to a man who broke a panda park's strict dietary rules

Feb. 13, 2024 06:06 AM EST

BEIJING (AP) — Don't feed the pandas. That's the rule seemingly broken by a man who was banned for life from one of China's main panda centers after throwing unspecified “objects” into an enclosure on Monday. A notice from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding...

An earthquake in northwestern China kills at least 131 people and is the deadliest in 9 years

Dec. 19, 2023 20:09 PM EST

BEIJING (AP) — A strong overnight earthquake rattled a mountainous region of northwestern China, authorities said Tuesday, reducing homes to rubble, leaving residents outside in a below-freezing winter night and killing 131 people in the nation’s deadliest quake in nine years. ...