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Ukraine has improved conditions for its Hungarian minority. It might not be enough for Viktor Orbán

Jan. 31, 2024 06:58 AM EST

BEREHOVE, Ukraine (AP) — Under the watchful eye of their teacher, a group of students in western Ukraine used a scalpel and forceps to dissect a pig's heart during a weekend biology class. The lesson was taking place in Hungarian: the students, members of a sizable ethnic Hungarian minority, have...

Ukrainian and Hungarian foreign ministers meet but fail to break a diplomatic deadlock

Jan. 29, 2024 12:09 PM EST

KAMIANYTSIA, Ukraine (AP) — A years-long diplomatic conflict between Ukraine and Hungary took a step toward resolution on Monday during a meeting of their foreign ministers, but no breakthrough was reached on Hungary's blocking of a crucial European Union financial aid package for Kyiv. ...

China's BYD to build its first European electric vehicle factory in Hungary

Dec. 22, 2023 05:51 AM EST

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — One of the world's largest electrical vehicle manufacturers, China's BYD, will open its first European EV production factory in Hungary, the country's foreign minister said Friday, the latest step in the Central European nation's efforts to become a global hub for EV...