Denver mayor to veto legislation lifting the pit bull ban

DENVER (AP) — A ban prohibiting pit bulls in Denver is expected to remain in place after the mayor has announced plans to veto legislation that would have lifted the dog breed restriction.

Mayor Michael Hancock announced Friday that he expects to veto a repeal on the ban citing concerns that the ordinance does not fully address the risk of injury resulting from attacks from these particular dog breeds, the Denver Post reported.

“The reality is that irresponsible pet owners continue to be a problem, and it is the irresponsible owners and their dogs I must consider in evaluating the overall impact of this ordinance,” Hancock said.

City Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday and must acquire nine votes to override the veto, but the repeal measure only passed the council with seven votes when first introduced, city officials said.

Some council members expressed fear of the damage pit bulls can cause, opposing the appeal.

“I’m disappointed the mayor is choosing to disregard the science on the issue of breed-specific legislation,” said Councilman Chris Herndon, who proposed the measure with support from the American Veterinary Medical Association and other animal organizations.

Aurora, Lone Tree, Louisville and Commerce City also ban pit bulls.