Mexico recovers bodies of 53 bodies of migrants in 2020

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Mexican government said Wednesday it recovered 53 bodies of migrants from several countries in 2020 who drowned or died of other causes in Mexico.

The National Migration Institute said the dead were mostly from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Haiti. Some of the migrants were from Mexico. All were apparently attempting to reach the United States.

A few of the dead were reported as being from the U.S., although the institute did not explain why they were trying to enter the United States clandestinely.

The institute said the deaths occurred along Mexico's northern border, largely drownings in the Rio Bravo, also known as the Rio Grande, which is the border with Texas. Others died of dehydration or injuries in desert or mountainous areas, often after being abandoned by migrant smugglers.

The dead were mostly working-age males, but included two babies.

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