Second Iowa Redistricting Special Session Set For Oct. 28

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa Legislature will meet in another special session on Oct. 28 to consider a second set of maps as part of the redistricting process required by law every 10 years.

Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a proclamation Friday setting the date for the second special session.

Lawmakers met Tuesday and Republicans in the Iowa Senate voted to reject the first plan drafted by the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency. They complained that some legislative districts were irregularly shaped and asserted that the LSA could do better on compactness and population variances, although the maps met the requirements of the law.

The LSA says it will release a second set of maps by Oct. 21.

Iowa law allows the Legislature to reject the first two maps without amendment. A third set of maps may be amended, and Democrats have voiced concern that Republicans may be planning to take the unprecedented step of ordering a third set of maps and redrawing them in a way that would benefit GOP candidates.

Republican leaders have refused to say they would not draw their own maps, a step that would mark a change from Iowa's history of nonpartisan redistricting.