2 Tractor-Trailers Hit By Gunfire On Alabama Interstate In What Drivers Call Ambush-Style Attacks

TUSKEGEE, Ala. (AP) — Two tractor-trailers were struck by gunfire on Interstate 85 in Macon County early Friday in what the drivers described as ambush-style attacks, but nobody was hurt.

Sheriff Andre Brunson told WRBL-TV that gunshots hit the cabs of both trucks and shattered their windows around 3 a.m. The drivers were able to pull over safely and call for help.

Both drivers said they were caught off guard and there had been no previous altercation on the road. Each reported seeing two vehicles parked together on the side of the highway and said that as they passed, shots were fired from one or both.

The sheriff said one of the truck drivers described the vehicles as a pickup and a midsize car, WSFA-TV reported. The driver also said both vehicles fled before police arrived.

Investigators were searching for the vehicles and their drivers.