Most Vermont State Police troopers to get body cameras

WATERBURY, Vt. (AP) — Most Vermont State Police troopers are going to be getting body cameras by the end of the year.

Officials are still working on the details of the policy for the cameras, including the public’s access to view police videos.

Vermont State Police Capt. Garry Scott tells WCAX-TV the cameras will be welcomed.

“It’s about transparency and accountability,” he said.

The inspection of state police body camera videos will be free after they have been redacted to protect privacy.

More than 200 troopers at barracks across the state will be outfitted with the body cameras, which have been delivered but are not yet in use.

The cameras will turn on automatically when a trooper activates a cruiser's lights. The policy on when the cameras will be turned off is still being developed.

The Vermont chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said state lawmakers should enact a statewide body camera policy.

“Body cameras, which are supposed to be tools of transparency and accountability, are used selectively too often by law enforcement to shield misconduct,” said Vermont ACLU Executive Director James Lyall.

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