Prison holding geriatric prisoners reports 11th virus death

CAPRON, Va. (AP) — Virginia prison officials are reporting an 11th coronavirus-related death at facility that is home to many geriatric and otherwise vulnerable prisoners.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Thursday that the facility is the Deerfield Correctional Center. It's a e 925-inmate prison in Southampton County.

The state's Department of Corrections has reported that there are 367 current COVID-19 cases among prisoners at the facility. Twenty inmates are hospitalized outside the prison. There are also 33 active cases among the staff.

Deerfield houses the state's largest group of geriatric male inmates. Many have serious health conditions and reside in assisted living or nursing home environments.

The department is following guidelines for nursing homes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as those from the Virginia Department of Health and guidelines for corrections.

Virginia has roughly 27,000 prisoners in its facilities. There are 589 active COVID-19 cases in total.

A total of 25 inmates have died, and 3,547 have tested positive at some point during the pandemic.