Supreme Court Hearing Set On Shreveport Mayor Reelection Bid

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Louisiana’s Supreme Court has set arguments for Tuesday on whether Shreveport’s mayor can run for reelection in November after using the wrong address when he signed up for the race.

A lawsuit says Mayor Adrian Perkins did not use the address where he claims a homestead tax exemption when he signed up to run for reelection as the law requires. He used another address for a residence he owns in a different part of the city.

So far, a state district judge in Shreveport and a the state 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal court have ruled against Perkins, who wants to run for a second term.

When asked in the district court hearing if he had read the guidelines regarding the address issue, Perkins said he had been in a rush to sign up for the race and was distracted by news cameras.

The appeal court last week rejected arguments that Perkins should be allowed to run because both his residences are in Shreveport, and that he made a mistake on the qualifying papers that was not legally significant.