Kentucky lawmakers set to convene Jan. 5 for 2021 session

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky lawmakers are scheduled to convene on Jan. 5 for next year's legislative session.

The calendar for the 30-day General Assembly session was released by legislative officials Thursday. It shows that final adjournment is scheduled for March 30.

As usual during an odd-numbered year, the legislative session will have two parts.

The first four days in early January will focus on organizational work, such as electing legislative leaders, adopting procedural rules and organizing committees. Bill introductions will also start.

After that, lawmakers won't reconvene until Feb. 2 for the second part of the session.

The veto recess period is scheduled to begin March 17. During that time, lawmakers commonly return to their home districts while the governor reviews bills sent to him and considers any vetoes. Under the schedule, lawmakers will return to the state Capitol on March 30 for the final day of the session.