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Virginia plane crash investigators ask when pilot became unresponsive and why aircraft flew its path

Jun. 05, 2023 21:21 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The pilot of a business jet that flew over Washington and crashed in a remote part of Virginia appeared to be slumped over and unresponsive, three U.S. officials said Monday, recounting observations by fighter pilots who intercepted the wayward flight. The...

Loss of oxygen in cabin may have led to Virginia plane crash, experts say

Jun. 05, 2023 18:33 PM EDT

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A loss of oxygen is a leading theory for why an unresponsive business jet flew off course and over the nation’s capital Sunday before it crashed in rural Virginia. But federal investigators are just beginning to look for answers, and experts cautioned against jumping to...

Police say Indiana lawmaker crashed and abandoned truck before drunken driving arrest

Jun. 05, 2023 17:48 PM EDT

SEYMOUR, Ind. (AP) — An Indiana state lawmaker’s pickup truck veered down a hill, through an interstate guardrail and across traffic lanes in a crash that led to his arrest last week on suspicion of drunken driving, according to a police report. The prosecutor in southern...

AP sources: Fighter jets reported pilot slumped over in plane that flew over nation's capital before Virginia crash

Jun. 05, 2023 16:51 PM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — AP sources: Fighter jets reported pilot slumped over in plane that flew over nation's capital before Virginia crash.

Small plane had mechanical problems before Arkansas crash that killed Mississippi ex-senator

Jun. 05, 2023 16:27 PM EDT

WINSLOW, Ark. (AP) — A small plane had mechanical problems with its autopilot system before it crashed in Arkansas last month and killed a former Mississippi state senator who was flying it, according to a preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board. Johnny...

No survivors found after plane that flew over DC, led to fighter jets scramble crashes in Virginia

Jun. 05, 2023 12:22 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — A wayward and unresponsive business plane that flew over the nation's capital Sunday afternoon caused the military to scramble fighter jets before the plane crashed in Virginia, officials said. The fighter jets caused a loud sonic boom that was heard across the capital region. ...

What to know about the legislative inquiry into Ronald Greene's deadly arrest

Jun. 05, 2023 02:18 AM EDT

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana lawmakers who last year demanded Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards testify about whether he was complicit in a cover-up over state troopers’ deadly 2019 arrest of Black motorist Ronald Greene have quietly abandoned their work without hearing from the governor or...

Fizzled probe spares governor scrutiny over Ronald Greene’s deadly arrest

Jun. 05, 2023 01:28 AM EDT

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana legislators who last year demanded answers from Gov. John Bel Edwards on whether he was complicit in a cover-up of state troopers’ deadly arrest of a Black motorist have quietly abandoned their work without hearing from the governor or issuing any findings. ...

Error in signaling system led to train crash that killed 275 people in India, official says

Jun. 04, 2023 23:58 PM EDT

BALASORE, India (AP) — The derailment in eastern India that killed 275 people and injured hundreds was caused by an error in the electronic signaling system that led a train to wrongly change tracks and crash into a freight train, officials said Sunday. Authorities worked to clear...

7 shot, 1 fatally, in Chicago when gunfire erupts amid remembrance for man killed in car crash

Jun. 04, 2023 10:33 AM EDT

CHICAGO (AP) — A 25-year-old woman was fatally shot and six other people were wounded early Sunday when gunfire erupted in Chicago during a remembrance for a man who died in a car crash, police said. A large group of people had gathered about 1 a.m. to mark four years since a man's...