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AP Week in Pictures: Asia

Jul. 27, 2023 23:36 PM EDT

July 21-27, 2023 A man negotiates neck-deep floodwaters caused by Typhoon Doksuri in the Philippines, a Shiite Muslim mourns as he flagellates himself during a Muharram procession in Indian-controlled Kashmir, and police in Ahmedabad, India, detain a person who was protesting recent...

In rural India, summer's heat can be deadly. Ambulance crews see the toll up close

Jun. 29, 2023 23:06 PM EDT

BANPUR, India (AP) — Siren blaring, Sunil Kumar Naik's ambulance tore across a dry and rocky countryside blasted by dangerous midday heat, rushing to check on a vomiting and dizzy 30-year-old man with possible heat stroke. As soon as they reached the man's village, Naik's paramedic partner guided...