Latest Crimea News

Kyiv endures a third bombardment in 5 days as Russia steps up targeting of Ukrainian cities

Mar. 25, 2024 21:39 PM EDT

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russia launched missiles against Kyiv for the third time in five days and also targeted other regions Monday as Moscow escalated its aerial bombardment of Ukrainian cities while the front line in the war remains largely stationary. Nine people were injured in...

How Russia's grab of Crimea 10 years ago led to war with Ukraine and rising tensions with the West

Mar. 18, 2024 14:53 PM EDT

A decade ago, President Vladimir Putin seized Crimea from Ukraine, a bold land grab that set the stage for Russia to invade its neighbor in 2022. The quick and bloodless seizure of the diamond-shaped peninsula, home to Russia's Black Sea fleet and a popular vacation site, touched off...

Death toll rises from Russian drone strike on Ukrainian port city, as China's envoy tours Moscow

Mar. 03, 2024 12:25 PM EST

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — The death toll rose to 11 on Sunday from a Russian drone strike that destroyed an apartment block in Ukraine’s southern port city of Odesa the previous day when a local official reported the bodies of two more children and a young mother were pulled from the rubble. ...