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Ukraine expects EU-wide support for candidacy to join bloc

Jun. 22, 2022 20:32 PM EDT

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — A Ukrainian official overseeing the country’s push to join the European Union said Wednesday that she’s “100%” certain all 27 EU nations will approve Ukraine's EU candidacy during a summit this week. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed...

Drone strike hits Russian refinery near Ukraine

Jun. 22, 2022 07:23 AM EDT

MOSCOW (AP) — A drone strike caused a fire at a refinery in southwestern Russia near the border with Ukraine on Wednesday, but no one was hurt and the blaze was contained quickly, officials said. The fire engulfed industrial equipment at the Novoshakhtinsk oil processing plant in...

Turkish drone strike in north Iraq said to kill 4 militants

Jun. 17, 2022 07:14 AM EDT

IRBIL, Baghdad (AP) — A Turkish drone targeted a vehicle traveling in Iraq’s Kurdistan region on Friday, killing four Kurdish militants, Iraq’s Kurdistan’s counter-terrorism service said. In a statement, it said the drone struck the jeep in the town of Kalar in the northern...

River trash traps chew at huge ocean plastics problem

Jun. 16, 2022 17:45 PM EDT

Floating fences in India. Whimsical water- and solar-driven conveyor belts with googly eyes in Baltimore. Rechargeable aquatic drones and a bubble barrier in The Netherlands. These are some of the sophisticated and at times low-tech inventions being deployed to capture plastic trash...

French military: Nearly 40 jihadis killed in drone strikes on motorcycle column in Niger, near border with Burkina Faso.

Jun. 16, 2022 10:35 AM EDT
NIAMEY, Niger (AP) — French military: Nearly 40 jihadis killed in drone strikes on motorcycle column in Niger, near border with Burkina Faso.

Ukraine hails teen drone operator who spied Russian armor

Jun. 12, 2022 16:11 PM EDT

KOLONSCHYNA, Ukraine (AP) — As Russian tanks and trucks rumbled close to their village, a Ukrainian teenager and his father stealthily launched their small drone into the air. Working as a team, they took bird's-eye photos of the armored column moving toward Kyiv and pinpointed...

Long, fraught timeline of tensions over Iran nuclear program

Jun. 09, 2022 11:57 AM EDT

Iran has started removing 27 surveillance cameras installed by U.N. inspectors at nuclear sites around the country, widening a dispute over Tehran's program as it enriches uranium closer than ever to weapons-grade levels. Here’s a timeline of the major events involving Iran’s...

Axon halts plans for Taser drone as 9 on ethics board resign

Jun. 06, 2022 09:37 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — Axon, the company best known for developing the Taser, said Monday it was halting plans to develop a Taser-equipped drone after a majority of its ethics board resigned over the controversial project. Axon’s founder and CEO Rick Smith said the company’s...

NY girding for shark season with more drones, vigilance

Jun. 05, 2022 16:51 PM EDT

MELVILLE, N.Y. (AP) — A number of factors, including warming ocean temperatures, are contributing to an expected proliferation of sharks along the New York coastline this summer. In response, the state has expanded a drone program designed to keep track of them. The Office of...

Firm proposes Taser-armed drones to stop school shootings

Jun. 03, 2022 21:28 PM EDT

Taser developer Axon said this week it is working to build drones armed with the electric stunning weapons that could fly in schools and “help prevent the next Uvalde, Sandy Hook, or Columbine.” But its own technology advisers quickly panned the idea as a dangerous fantasy. The...