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Russian Orthodox priests face persecution from state and church for supporting peace in Ukraine

Aug. 12, 2023 02:40 AM EDT

ANTALYA, Turkey (AP) — Standing in an old Orthodox church in Antalya with a Bible in one hand and a candle in the other, the Rev. Ioann Koval led one of his first services in Turkey after Russian Orthodox Church leadership decided to defrock him following his prayer for peace in Ukraine. ...

Angry Russia refuses to speak at UN meeting on its attacks on Ukraine's key port city of Odesa

Jul. 27, 2023 01:49 AM EDT

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — In an escalation of Russia’s anger at Ukraine and its Western backers, Russia refused to speak at a U.N. Security Council meeting called to discuss Moscow’s recent devastating attacks on the key port of Odesa immediately following its refusal to extend the Black Sea...