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Internet troll faces trial after Capitol riot plea fizzles

May. 11, 2022 15:03 PM EDT

A federal judge scheduled a trial next year for a far-right internet troll after the man, known to his social media followers as “Baked Alaska,” balked at pleading guilty on Wednesday to a criminal charge stemming from the U.S. Capitol riot. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan...

Maine native guilty after Capitol riot, another arrested

May. 02, 2022 15:51 PM EDT

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A Maine native has pleaded guilty to a second charge related to his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Also Monday, the FBI arrested a Maine resident for charges stemming from the riot. The Maine native who pleaded...

Federal jury convicts NYPD veteran of assaulting police officer at US Capitol riot in milestone trial

May. 02, 2022 12:22 PM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal jury convicts NYPD veteran of assaulting police officer at US Capitol riot in milestone trial.

Jurors weigh man's self-defense claim in Capitol riot trial

Apr. 29, 2022 18:01 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors on Friday urged a jury to reject a retired New York City police officer's argument that he was acting in self-defense when he swung a flagpole at police officers and tackled one of them during the U.S. Capitol riot. Thomas Webster, a 20-year...

Man on trial in Capitol riot case blames 'rogue cop'

Apr. 28, 2022 17:08 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — A retired New York City police officer charged with assaulting a police officer during the U.S. Capitol riot testified Thursday at his trial that he was trying to defend himself against a “rogue cop" who punched him in the face. Thomas Webster, who took the...

Officer describes fending off Capitol rioter at man's trial

Apr. 27, 2022 16:12 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — One of the dozens of police officers injured during the U.S. Capitol riot testified Wednesday that he didn't punch or pick a fight with a retired New York City police officer charged with attacking the officer. Thomas Webster, whose trial on an assault charge...

Trial opens for ex-NYPD officer charged in Capitol riot

Apr. 26, 2022 19:23 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — Body camera video captured a "rage-filled" retired police officer attacking one of the outnumbered police officers trying to hold off a mob of rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol, a federal prosecutor told jurors Tuesday. But a defense attorney said another video...

Son of famed American artist charged in Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Apr. 26, 2022 09:16 AM EDT

BOSTON (AP) — For years, Vincent Gillespie waged a legal battle to try to gain control of hundreds of paintings by his father — renowned postwar American artist Gregory Gillespie. On Jan. 6, 2021, prosecutors say, Gillespie engaged in a very different kind of battle, joining...

Jurors reject array of defenses at Capitol riot trials

Apr. 25, 2022 20:07 PM EDT

Jurors have heard — and rejected — an array of excuses and arguments from the first rioters to be tried for storming the U.S. Capitol. The next jury to get a Capitol riot case could hear another novel defense this week at the trial of a retired New York City police officer. ...

Official: Meadows had been warned of possible 1/6 violence

Apr. 23, 2022 08:36 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — A former White House official told the House committee investigating the Capitol riot that President Donald Trump's chief of staff, Mark Meadows, had been advised of intelligence reports showing the potential for violence, according to just-released transcripts. ...