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Boehly makes whirlwind entrance to English soccer at Chelsea

Sep. 09, 2022 09:13 AM EDT

For someone with little experience in soccer, American businessman Todd Boehly sure has made some big calls in his first 100 days as the face of Chelsea’s new ownership. His first major decision really raised eyebrows: Boehly, Chelsea announced early in the offseason, would not...

Tuchel fired by Chelsea in ruthless call by US ownership

Sep. 07, 2022 17:02 PM EDT

Chelsea's new American owners are proving to be just as ruthless as the man they replaced. Thomas Tuchel was fired by the English club on Wednesday, only one month into the season and just days after Chelsea's recently installed ownership — fronted by Los Angeles Dodgers part-owner...

US obtains warrant to seize $90M jet of Russian oligarch

Aug. 08, 2022 14:59 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — A judge authorized the United States on Monday to seize a $90 million jet belonging to a Russian oligarch in a continuing effort to diminish the financial pillars of the Russian government after its invasion of Ukraine. The effort to seize Andrei Skoch’s private...