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Ex-prison worker faces 100-year sentence for knife attack

Dec. 07, 2022 07:23 AM EST

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A former Indiana Department of Correction worker faces a potential sentence of 100 years in prison under a deal in which she agreed to plead guilty to two counts of murder for a knife attack two years ago in which two people were killed and a third was wounded, a prosecutor...

Woman gets 25 years for robbery in which boyfriend killed 6

Dec. 06, 2022 19:48 PM EST

CHICAGO (AP) — A woman who watched her former boyfriend kill six members of his family, including two young boys, at their Chicago home then helped him steal their property was sentenced Tuesday to 25 years in prison. Jafeth Ramos, 25, pleaded guilty to armed robbery under a deal...

Argentina's VP Fernández guilty in $1B fraud, gets 6 years

Dec. 06, 2022 19:26 PM EST

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández was convicted and sentenced Tuesday to six years in prison and a lifetime ban from holding public office for a fraud scheme that embezzled $1 billion through public works projects during her presidency. A...

Argentine VP Cristina Fernández guilty in $1 billion fraud, sentenced to 6 years and lifetime ban from public office

Dec. 06, 2022 15:44 PM EST
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentine VP Cristina Fernández guilty in $1 billion fraud, sentenced to 6 years and lifetime ban from public office.

Iran officials sentence 5 to death for killing Basij troop

Dec. 06, 2022 13:03 PM EST

CAIRO (AP) — Iranian authorities sentenced five people to death for allegedly killing a member of a paramilitary force affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard, state media said Tuesday. Eleven others received prison sentences. The 13 men and three minors had been...

Avenatti sentenced to 14 years in California fraud case

Dec. 05, 2022 22:29 PM EST

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — Lawyer Michael Avenatti, who rose to fame representing porn star Stormy Daniels against Donald Trump, was sentenced in California on Monday to 14 years in prison for cheating clients out of millions of dollars. Avenatti was also fined $10 million by U.S....

Man sentenced to over 3 years prison for gun stash, bunker

Dec. 05, 2022 21:29 PM EST

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — A man was sentenced to more than three years in federal prison Friday after he was found with an illegal arsenal of guns and explosives in a bunker in the Arlington area northeast of Everett. Court documents said last November that James Bowden, now 42,...

‘Torso Killer’ admits killing 5 women decades ago near NYC

Dec. 05, 2022 19:56 PM EST

MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) — A serial slayer known as the “Torso Killer” already convicted of 11 homicides admitted on Monday that he also killed five women on Long Island in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Richard Cottingham was sentenced Monday to 25 years to life for the slaying...

Prosecutors in Whitmer kidnap plot say life sentence fits

Dec. 05, 2022 19:11 PM EST

Federal prosecutors told a judge Monday that a life prison sentence would be justified for the leader of a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, saying his goal to turn the country upside down in 2020 was a forerunner of rampant anti-government extremism. “If our elected...

Man who shot Lady Gaga's dog walker gets 21 years in prison

Dec. 05, 2022 19:08 PM EST

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The man who shot and wounded Lady Gaga’s dog walker while stealing her French bulldogs last year took a plea deal and was sentenced to 21 years in prison on Monday, officials said. The Lady Gaga connection was a coincidence, authorities have said. The motive...