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Dangerous brew: Ocean heat and La Nina combo likely mean more Atlantic hurricanes this summer

May. 23, 2024 10:46 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — Get ready for what nearly all the experts think will be one of the busiest Atlantic hurricane seasons on record, thanks to unprecedented ocean heat and a brewing La Nina. There's an 85% chance that the Atlantic hurricane season that starts in June will be above...

Mexican president says high wind toppled a stage at a candidate's campaign rally, killing 4 people and injuring 15

May. 22, 2024 23:52 PM EDT
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican president says high wind toppled a stage at a candidate's campaign rally, killing 4 people and injuring 15.

Most in Houston area are getting power back after storm, but some may have to wait until the weekend

May. 22, 2024 19:39 PM EDT

HOUSTON (AP) — Power was expected to be restored by late Wednesday to nearly all Houston area homes and businesses left in the dark by last week’s deadly storm, according to officials. But possibly up to 20,000 customers might have to wait until the weekend before their lights...

Rare tornado hits Haiti, injuring more than 50 people and leaving hundreds homeless

May. 22, 2024 13:32 PM EDT

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A rare tornado in northern Haiti has injured more than 50 people and destroyed more than 200 homes, the U.N. said Wednesday. The tornado hit the community of Bassin-Bleu on Tuesday, leaving more than 300 families homeless, according to the U.N. Office...

Louisiana governor declares emergency after severe storms leave 3 dead

May. 22, 2024 13:16 PM EDT

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A state of emergency has been ordered in Lousiana after severe storms swept through last week, knocking out power to nearly 160,000 people and leaving three dead, including a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Gov. Jeff Landry signed the emergency...

Sun's magnetic field may form close to the surface. This finding could improve solar storm forecasts

May. 22, 2024 11:21 AM EDT

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — New research indicates the sun’s magnetic field originates much closer to the surface than previously thought, a finding that could help predict periods of extreme solar storms like the ones that slammed Earth earlier this month. The magnetic field...

What is in-flight turbulence, and when does it become dangerous for passengers and crews?

May. 22, 2024 09:47 AM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — The death of a British man and injuries impacting dozens of other people aboard a Singapore Airlines flight that hit severe turbulence Tuesday highlighted the potential dangers of flying through unstable air. The exact cause of the 73-year-old man’s death is under...

Tornado devastates Iowa town, killing multiple people as powerful storms rip through Midwest

May. 22, 2024 00:00 AM EDT

GREENFIELD, Iowa (AP) — Multiple people died Tuesday and at least a dozen were injured when a powerful tornado tore through a small Iowa town, carving a bleak landscape of destroyed homes and businesses, shredded trees, smashed cars, and widely strewn debris. The tornado destroyed...

Heavy equipment, snow shovels used to clean up hail piled knee-deep in small Colorado city

May. 21, 2024 23:46 PM EDT

DENVER (AP) — Residents in a small city in northeastern Colorado were cleaning up Tuesday after hail the size of baseballs and golf balls pounded the community, with heavy construction equipment and snow shovels used to clear ice that piled up knee-deep the night before. Monday...

Severe turbulence during Singapore Airlines flight leaves several people badly injured. One man died

May. 21, 2024 22:59 PM EDT

BANGKOK (AP) — A Singapore Airlines flight hit severe turbulence over the Indian Ocean and descended 6,000 feet (around 1,800 meters) in about three minutes, the carrier said Tuesday. A British man died and authorities said dozens of passengers were injured, some severely. An...