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Trump forced to listen silently to people insulting him as he trades a cocoon of adulation for court

Apr. 20, 2024 00:10 AM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — He seems "selfish and self-serving,” said one woman. The way he carries himself in public "leaves something to be desired," said another. His “negative rhetoric and bias," said another man, is what is “most harmful." Over the past...

Panama Papers trial's public portion comes to an unexpectedly speedy end

Apr. 19, 2024 23:28 PM EDT

PANAMA CITY (AP) — The public portion of a trial of more than two-dozen associates accused of helping some of the world’s richest people hide their wealth came to an unexpectedly speedy conclusion Friday when a Panamanian judge said she would take the two weeks of trial arguments and testimony...

Final jurors seated for Trump's hush money case, with opening statements set for Monday

Apr. 19, 2024 20:36 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — The final jurors were seated Friday in Donald Trump’s hush money trial, and an appellate judge rejected the former president’s latest bid to halt the case as a hectic day in court set the stage for opening statements to begin Monday. The panel of New Yorkers who...

Jurors don't have a verdict yet in an Arizona rancher's trial for fatally shooting a migrant

Apr. 19, 2024 20:27 PM EDT

PHOENIX (AP) — A jury in southern Arizona is still deliberating in the trial of a rancher charged with fatally shooting an unarmed migrant on his property near the U.S.-Mexico border. Judge Thomas Fink sent jurors home for the weekend after they failed to reach a verdict Friday....

Former resident of New Hampshire youth center describes difficult aftermath of abuse

Apr. 19, 2024 18:25 PM EDT

BRENTWOOD, N.H. (AP) — A man who says he was beaten and raped as a teen at New Hampshire's youth detention center testified Friday that he both tried to take his own life and plotted to kill his abusers years later before speaking up. David Meehan, who spent three years at the...

The Latest | Opening statements in Trump hush money trial set for Monday after latest appeal fails

Apr. 19, 2024 18:00 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — Opening statements in Donald Trump's hush money case are set to begin next week after a jury of 12 people and six alternates was seated Friday. The seating of the jury sets the stage for weeks of testimony in a case charging Trump with falsifying business records to suppress...

Full jury of 12 people and 6 alternates is seated in former President Donald Trump's hush money trial in New York

Apr. 19, 2024 13:42 PM EDT
NEW YORK (AP) — Full jury of 12 people and 6 alternates is seated in former President Donald Trump's hush money trial in New York.

Start of Sen. Bob Menendez's bribery trial is delayed a week to mid-May

Apr. 19, 2024 11:58 AM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — The start of New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez's bribery trial was pushed back a week to mid-May on Friday after lawyers agreed the extra days would aid trial preparation. U.S. District Judge Sidney H. Stein changed from May 6 to May 13 the start of jury selection during...

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn't happen this week

Apr. 19, 2024 09:17 AM EDT

A roundup of some of the most popular but completely untrue stories and visuals of the week. None of these are legit, even though they were shared widely on social media. The Associated Press checked them out. ___ Trump says New York judge won’t let...

A trial is underway for the Panama Papers, a case that changed the country's financial rules

Apr. 19, 2024 00:20 AM EDT

PANAMA CITY (AP) — Eight years after 11 million leaked secret financial documents revealed how some of the world’s richest people hide their wealth, more than two dozen defendants are on trial in Panama for their alleged roles. The repercussions of the leaks were far-ranging,...