Feds: Tacoma Woman Lied About Having Ms To Defraud Friends

SEATTLE (AP) — Federal prosecutors say they will recommend no more than 27 months in prison for a Washington state woman who defrauded friends and acquaintances of more than $600,000 by falsely telling them she needed money for tuition, multiple sclerosis treatment and other causes.

Sabrina Taylor pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Seattle on Friday to one count of wire fraud. The 40-year-old admitted that beginning in 2013 she lied about her health, employment status and education to get money from her victims, including some she met on online using shared interests such as Japanese anime, comic books or video games.

She also falsely claimed she needed money to bail her brother out of jail.

The U.S. Attorney's Office said she spent $60,000 on trips to Japan and Korea, $38,000 for online purchases from Amazon and Etsy, $29,000 on clothing, and $16,000 on makeup.

Some $550,000 of the defrauded money came from one victim.

Taylor is due to be sentenced by Judge Ricardo S. Martinez on Oct. 7. While prosecutors have agreed to recommend no more than 27 months, she could face up to 20 years. She has also agreed to pay restitution.