Lawyer For Man Shot By Officers Raises Mental Illness Issue

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A defense attorney raised questions in court Friday about the mental health of his 29-year-old client, who was shot and wounded by law enforcement officers in a confrontation at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Erik Keith Legried remained jailed after treatment for gunshot wounds and refused to attend an initial court appearance where a judge set bail at $100,000 with strict electronic monitoring if he’s released.

Legried is due again in court Tuesday on charges including battery with a deadly weapon against a first responder and resisting arrest.

Prosecutor Shanon Clowers told court Hearing Officer Daniel Westmeyer that four law enforcement officers were involved in Legried’s shooting Thursday morning near the Red Rock Canyon visitor center.

Details of the shooting and Legried's injuries were not disclosed, and there was no reference to Legried having had a gun.

Authorities have said Nevada Highway Patrol, U.S. Bureau of Land Management officers and Las Vegas police responded a little after sunrise Thursday to calls about a man “in distress” and armed with a weapon at Red Rock Canyon. Las Vegas police have said no Metro officers fired a weapon.

Legried was shot, arrested and hospitalized after he was accused of ramming patrol vehicles with a pickup truck near the visitor center of the popular scenic destination about 20 miles (32 kilometers) west of the Las Vegas Strip.

Clowers said there were about 20 people at the center at the time and described the shooting as “gunfire to stop the threat.” No other injuries were reported.

Defense attorney Christopher Mishler told Westmeyer that Legried had “serious mental health issues” and may have abused drugs or alcohol, but that his parents in Colorado were trying to get him into treatment.

Mishler asked for Legried’s release to the custody of his father, who was in court. He did not say where Legried's parents live. Mishler also said his client had a job working remotely as a high school debate coach.

Outside court, the attorney and Mishler’s father declined to speak with reporters.

Clowers told Westmeyer that Thursday’s incident began when Legried allegedly rammed his rented Toyota pickup truck into a fence at a campground, drove into Las Vegas followed by police, and returned to Red Rock Canyon.

Clowers said Legried lives in another state and had rented the pickup in Colorado before driving to Las Vegas. She said he made statements to police about suicide and wanting to kill himself in jail.