Man Arrested In Attempted Sex Attacks On 3 Women In Nyc Park

A man has been arrested on charges of attempting sexual attacks on three women and hitting two of them in the head within 40 minutes in an upper Manhattan park, police said Saturday.

Elvis Nina Pichardo, 40, also was arrested on a public lewdness charge stemming from an incident that happened nearby that same day.

It wasn't immediately clear Saturday whether he has a lawyer who could comment on the charges, and no telephone number for his home could immediately be found.

The women were accosted in Inwood Hill Park between about 11:20 a.m. and noon Wednesday, the New York Police Department said in a release.

Police said the suspect threatened to rape one woman, to sexually assault another and tried to rape a third, whom he allegedly beat in the head with a tree branch before allegedly slamming her head on the ground repeatedly. He also hit another of the women in the head, according to police.

He's also accused of taking electronics from two of the women.

Cable news station NY1 reports neighborhood residents organized a walk through the park Friday as a show of determination to make sure it's safe.