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Through four wars, toll mounts on a Gaza neighborhood

Aug. 25, 2021 03:09 AM EDT

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip (AP) — The electricity is out again tonight in what’s left of Zaki and Jawaher Nassir’s neighborhood. But from the shell of their sitting room, its wall blown open by Israeli missiles, twilight and a neighbor’s fire are enough to see by. ...

Gaza City blast kills 1, injures 10, shakes crowded area

Jul. 22, 2021 08:13 AM EDT

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — An explosion tore through a house in a popular market in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing one person and wounding 10, the Palestinian territory's interior ministry said. It was not immediately clear what caused the explosion. ...

War's trauma apparent in portraits of Gazan children

Jul. 21, 2021 10:58 AM EDT

Suzy Ishkontana, 7, clings to her new toys and clothes, but mostly to her dad. For hours, they were separated under the rubble of their family’s home. Now she cannot bear to be apart. More than two months have passed since rescue workers pulled the...