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Inside the 'big wave' of misinformation targeted at Latinos

Nov. 29, 2021 18:05 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — Before last year's presidential election, Facebook ads targeting Latino voters described Joe Biden as a communist. During his inauguration, another conspiracy theory spread online and on Spanish-language radio warning that a brooch worn by Lady Gaga signaled Biden was...

Quechua endures in Peru despite centuries of discrimination

Sep. 15, 2021 10:02 AM EDT

CCARHUACC LICAPA, Peru (AP) — Leila Ccaico walked slowly to the front of her class in a rural village in the Andes. Reluctantly, she faced her classmates, obeyed her teacher’s orders and started to sing softly in Quechua. This is the first year that the sixth grader...