Latest Suicide prevention News

School district hosts Bullying and Suicide Prevention Summit

Mar. 20, 2019 4:49 AM EDT

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Jefferson County Public Schools is holding the district's first Bullying and Suicide Prevention Summit. The district says in a statement that Thursday's summit is an effort to create a dialogue on issues that teenagers face and develop strategies that will support them....

Trump aims to stem vet suicide with outreach, local grants

Mar. 5, 2019 3:57 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday aimed at stemming a persistently high number of veteran suicides, urging expanded outreach by awarding grants to community programs. The order creates a Cabinet-level task force that will seek to develop a national roadmap for...

Gun-seizure laws grow in popularity since Parkland shooting

Feb. 10, 2019 7:01 AM EST

In the year since the deadly mass shooting at a Florida high school, more and more states have passed laws making it easier to take guns away from people who may be suicidal or bent on violence against others, and courts are issuing an unprecedented number of seizure orders across the country. Supporters say...