Omaha schools to start with all remote classes, no sports

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The Omaha Public School District said Friday students will all learn remotely and all athletics will be canceled for at least the first quarter of the school year in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The state's largest school district also delayed the start of the school year from next Tuesday to Aug. 18, to give teachers time to prepare for the changes. The first quarter will last through Oct. 16.

The change to remote learning is in the best interests and for the safety of students, teachers and staff, Superintendent Cheryl Logan wrote on the district's website.

“We understand the important role extra-curricular activities play in a student’s school experience,” Logan wrote. “This suspension is for the health and safety of everyone.”

The district had planned to start school by dividing students into two groups, with each group attending school in person part of the week and learning remotely the rest of the week.