West Virginia Capital's Relocation Effort Gets 60 Applicants

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — More than 60 people from 18 different states have applied to relocate to West Virginia's capital city through a program incentivizing the move, according to officials.

The Charleston Roots program was launched in April by the city and the Charleston Area Alliance to attract full-time employed remote workers and those looking to fill high-demand jobs, officials said in a statement Tuesday.

The current applicant pool is made up of people who are looking for work or already work in sectors including technology, medicine and public works, according to the statement.

“The response that we’ve seen from folks across the nation that want to move to our Capital City has been overwhelming,” Charleston Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin said. “These folks represent highly skilled individuals that are looking to plant roots and give back to our community.”

Incentives for those who move to Charleston include $5,000 to go toward initial expenses, as well as mentorship, networking and membership opportunities once settled, news outlets reported.

West Virginia residents who recruit family or friends to move to the city could also receive $1,000.