Kansas Teenager Charged In Homicide In Kansas City, Mo.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Kansas teenager will be tried as an adult for murder in the shooting death of a Kansas City, Missouri, man, Jackson County prosecutors said Wednesday.

Jayvon Hunter, 16, was charged Tuesday with second-degree murder and three other counts in the Oct. 19 death of 44-year-old Cristobal Gutierrez-Castillas.

The Jackson County Prosecutor's office said in a news release that surveillance video shows Hunter and others arriving at the shooting scene on scooters. Hunter is seen arguing with the men before firing a shot that hit Gutierrez-Castillas, according to charging documents.

The video shows Hunter going through the victim's pockets and taking his cell phone before leaving the scene, according to the documents.

It was not immediately clear if Hunter had an attorney.

Prosecutors recommended $150,000 cash bail.