Jury Convicts Man In 2018 Deaths Of 2 Florida Teenagers

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — Jurors in southwest Florida found a man guilty of second-degree murder and of impersonating a law enforcement officer in the 2018 deaths of two teenagers.

The verdict against Elwood Robinson was returned Thursday evening following a three-day trial, the state attorney's office said in a news release.

Robinson is scheduled for sentencing on Aug. 10 for the deaths of William Hughes Jr., 19, and Jeremy Stewart, 16.

Prosecutors said the teens were hanging out at a gathering spot in Alva early in the morning on Nov. 17, 2018. Robinson heard a loud argument coming from the area. He drove his truck to the area and encountered the first teen, who flagged him down and asked for a ride home, saying he was stranded.

According to the news release, Robinson told the teen that he was a police officer and would take care of the situation. The teen got into his truck. As another car tried to leave the area, Robinson tried to block him before chasing the car at high speeds before losing him.

The first teen remained in the truck during the chase. Instead of taking the teen home, Robinson drove back to the original location. At that point, the news release said, another car drove up with a male and a female inside. They had come there to retrieve a car left at the site.

That's when Robinson got out of the truck, and holding a revolver, ordered the male to the ground. He told him he was a police officer and would take him to prison, the news release said. Robinson ordered the female to get the other teen out of his truck, telling her it was his son.

Two more people arrived at the location, who were friends of some of the teens, the news release said. They saw the gun and one attempted to disarm Robinson. But Robinson stumbled, got up and shot the teen he'd ordered to the ground in the back of the head. He then shot the teen who'd pushed him.

Prosecutors said that after shooting the two teens, Robinson fired at the female victim. She survived but a bullet hit her right hand, grazed her shoulder and hit her neck. He also pointed the gun at another teenager but didn't shoot.

Some of the teens fled to a friend's house and called 911, the release said.