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Poor Florida neighborhood battered by flood tries to recover

Oct. 02, 2022 13:32 PM EDT

HARLEM HEIGHTS, Fla. (AP) — The Gladiolus Food Pantry usually hands out supplies on Wednesdays to about 240 families, so when Hurricane Ian swept through that day and canceled their distribution, it was left full of flats of canned black beans, bags of rice, meats, bread and produce — food that...

Elevator safety mandate named for Ohio boy among new NC laws

Sep. 30, 2022 10:02 AM EDT

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — New safety mandates for elevators inside North Carolina beach and vacation cottages take effect on Saturday along with all or portions of another dozen or so enacted state laws. Other laws approved this year and starting in October address sexual assault kits,...

Storm-battered Florida businesses face arduous rebuilding

Sep. 29, 2022 22:47 PM EDT

Walt Disney World and other tourist attractions in central Florida appeared to have avoided severe damage from Hurricane Ian. But many businesses on the state's southwestern coast were hammered and face a long rebuilding process. In Fort Myers, video posted on social media showed the...

Storm scenes: Voices of fear, hope as Ian lashes Florida

Sep. 28, 2022 18:33 PM EDT

Hurricane Ian struck a large swath of Florida on Wednesday. Evacuations were ordered ahead of the tropical system, but some travelers got stuck trying to leave; other residents decided to try to ride out the storm. Here are some of the stories and scenes from Florida and beyond, as...

Why free swag at bars, hotels is so important to brands

Sep. 28, 2022 10:47 AM EDT

Chances are if you’ve been to a great restaurant, bar or hotel, you’ve snagged a coaster, matchbook, napkin or card key. Mementoes like these are talismans that help us remember what a fun experience we had. You may hesitate before you pocket the swag, wondering if doing so is...

Vegas attraction closed after 3rd dolphin death in 5 months

Sep. 27, 2022 14:13 PM EDT

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A dolphin habitat at a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has been temporarily closed after the third mammal death at the attraction in five months. Officials at the Mirage Secret Garden and Habitat said an 11-year-old bottlenose dolphin named K2 died Saturday. ...

Hong Kong to end mandatory hotel quarantine for travelers

Sep. 23, 2022 07:03 AM EDT

HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong’s leader announced the city would no longer require incoming travelers to quarantine in designated hotels as it seeks to remain competitive and open up globally after nearly two years. Incoming travelers will also no longer need a negative PCR test...

Execs: US casinos learned some useful lessons from pandemic

Sep. 22, 2022 17:21 PM EDT

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — The COVID pandemic forced most U.S. casinos to close for months, causing payrolls, revenue and earnings to tumble. But the forced shutdowns and highly regulated recoveries also taught the industry useful lessons that will endure even after the pandemic is... plans warning for listings in occupied West Bank

Sep. 19, 2022 14:33 PM EDT

JERUSALEM (AP) — The online travel agency said Monday it plans to add warnings to listings in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, becoming the latest foreign company to wade into one of the world’s most contentious debates. said it would caution customers...

Liz Weston: 6 new rules for smarter European travel

Sep. 19, 2022 08:43 AM EDT

Tourism rebounded this summer in Europe — and Europe wasn’t ready. Pandemic-related staff shortages led to massive lines and flight cancellations at many airports; meanwhile, prices for hotels and taxis soared. Then there were the record-breaking temperatures that caused roads,...