Latest Burkina Faso News

Jihadis expand control to new Burkina Faso fronts

Jul. 17, 2021 03:58 AM EDT

BANFORA, Burkina Faso (AP) — Florent Coulibaly, a soldier in Burkina Faso’s army, says he hasn't been sleeping well for the past few months as he is often roused at 3 a.m. to fight jihadi rebels. Until recently life was peaceful in western Burkina Faso’s Comoe...

US to send first vaccine doses to Africa in coming days

Jul. 16, 2021 16:24 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. will begin making its first COVID-19 vaccine shipments to Africa in the coming days, with the ultimate goal of sharing 25 million doses this summer across the continent in partnership with the African Union. The first donated doses will be...

As France plans to shrink Sahel force, jihadi threat grows

Jul. 08, 2021 06:16 AM EDT

GAO, Mali (AP) — During a grueling, weeks-long mission in northern Mali, French soldiers were confronted by a familiar threat: Extremists trying to impose the same strict Islamic rule that preceded France’s military intervention here more than eight years ago. ...

US envoy: Children in conflict taught to commit war crimes

Jun. 28, 2021 20:43 PM EDT

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Children caught in conflict are being taught to commit war crimes before they can count, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said Monday, pointing to the deadliest attack in Burkina Faso in years, with more than 130 civilians killed by an armed group comprising...

Gunmen kill 11 police officers in Burkina Faso; 4 missing

Jun. 22, 2021 17:40 PM EDT

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) — Gunmen ambushed a group of police officers in Burkina Faso, killing at least 11 of them in the deadliest attack of its kind yet in this West African country where extremist violence is escalating. At least four other officers were...

Angelina Jolie visits Burkina Faso as U.N. Special Envoy

Jun. 21, 2021 17:57 PM EDT

GOUDOUBO, Burkina Faso (AP) — Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has visited war-weakened Burkina Faso to show solidarity with people who continue to welcome the displaced, despite grappling with their own insecurity, and said the world isn’t doing enough to help. ...

Macron to reduce French military troops in Africa's Sahel

Jun. 10, 2021 15:27 PM EDT

PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday announced the future reduction of France’s military presence fighting Islamic extremism in Africa’s Sahel region. In a news conference, Macron spoke about the “profound transformation" of France’s...

Death toll rises after Burkina Faso village attack

Jun. 07, 2021 11:22 AM EDT

GAO, Mali (AP) — The death toll from the deadliest attack in Burkina Faso in years has risen to at least 132 people and countless others wounded, security officials said Monday. Jihadis on Friday night launched an assault on civilians in Solhan village in the Sahel’s...

Burkina Faso says at least 100 civilians killed in attack

Jun. 05, 2021 17:09 PM EDT

NIAMEY, Niger (AP) — Gunmen killed at least 100 people in a northern Burkina Faso village, the government said Saturday, in what was the country’s deadliest attack in years. The attack took place Friday evening in Solhan village, in the Sahel’s Yagha province,...

Burkina Faso government says gunmen have killed at least 100 people in the country's north, deadliest attack in years

Jun. 05, 2021 09:26 AM EDT
NIAMEY, Niger (AP) — Burkina Faso government says gunmen have killed at least 100 people in the country's north, deadliest attack in years.