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Russian millionaire on trial in hack, insider trade scheme

Jan. 30, 2023 17:11 PM EST

BOSTON (AP) — A wealthy Russian businessman and associates made tens of millions of dollars by cheating the stock market in an elaborate scheme that involved hacking into U.S. computer networks to steal insider information about companies such as Microsoft and Tesla, a prosecutor told jurors on...

Southwest's strong 2022 rebound soured by holiday debacle

Jan. 06, 2023 17:26 PM EST

DALLAS (AP) — Southwest Airlines is anticipating a money-losing fourth quarter after a winter storm and technology meltdown led to nearly 17,000 canceled flights and stranded hundreds of thousands of holiday travelers. The cancellations will result in a pretax hit of $725 million...

Southwest starts on reputation repair after cancellations

Jan. 05, 2023 19:55 PM EST

DALLAS (AP) — With its flights running on a roughly normal schedule, Southwest Airlines is now turning its attention to repairing its damaged reputation after it canceled 15,000 flights around Christmas and left holiday travelers stranded. CEO Robert Jordan said Thursday that...