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GOP's new committee leaders prepare blitz of investigations

Nov. 29, 2022 00:11 AM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans are promising aggressive oversight of the Biden administration once they assume the majority next year, with a particular focus on the business dealings of presidential son Hunter Biden, illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border and the originations of...

GOP's McCarthy threatens to impeach Mayorkas over border

Nov. 22, 2022 21:41 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday called on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign over management of the U.S. southern border with Mexico, warning that the new House GOP majority will open investigations that could lead to impeachment...

House GOP pushes Hunter Biden probe despite thin majority

Nov. 19, 2022 14:21 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — Even with their threadbare House majority, Republicans doubled down this week on using their new power next year to investigate the Biden administration and, in particular, the president’s son. But the midterm results have emboldened a White House that has long...

GOP eyes new priorities for House, starting with Biden probe

Nov. 17, 2022 16:47 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican Party’s capture of the House majority, though narrow, will soon transform the agenda in Washington, empowering GOP lawmakers to pursue conservative goals, vigorously challenge the policies of Democratic President Joe Biden — and plunge into Washington...

McCarthy passes 1st House speaker test, but hurdles remain

Nov. 15, 2022 22:00 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican leader Kevin McCarthy won the nomination Tuesday for House speaker, clearing a first step with majority support from his colleagues, but he now faces a weeks-long slog to quell right-flank objections before a final vote in the new year. McCarthy has led...

McCarthy's quest to be speaker collides with GOP failures

Nov. 09, 2022 20:03 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — The promise of a red wave receding, Republicans on Wednesday faced the stark reality that any return to power would mean presiding over a narrowly split Congress, and the party’s dismal performance weakened House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy as he reaches for the speaker's gavel....

Ohio Democrats net wins in US House races, incumbent ousted

Nov. 09, 2022 02:40 AM EST

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Democrat Marcy Kaptur, the longest-serving woman in U.S. House history, won another term after facing her toughest challenge in decades, while longtime Republican Rep. Steve Chabot lost his seat in a newly redrawn district. The victories for Democrats on Tuesday...

Republican Jim Jordan wins reelection to U.S. House in Ohio's 4th Congressional District

Nov. 08, 2022 21:09 PM EST
WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Jim Jordan wins reelection to U.S. House in Ohio's 4th Congressional District.

Ohio: What to expect on election night

Nov. 05, 2022 14:17 PM EDT

OHIO (AP) — Ohio Republicans will seek to retain their hold on every branch of state government this Election Day as Democrats look to a competitive U.S. Senate race as a possible pickup. The top race has Democratic U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan facing Republican JD Vance for the chance to...

McCarthy unveils House GOP's midterm agenda in Pennsylvania

Sep. 23, 2022 17:40 PM EDT

MONONGAHELA, Pa. (AP) — House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on Friday confronted President Joe Biden and the Democratic majority in Congress with a conservative midterm election agenda filled with Trump-like promises, working not only to win over voters but to hold together the uneasy...