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Top Russian diplomat defends mercenaries' presence in Mali

Sep. 25, 2021 20:53 PM EDT

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Russia’s top diplomat on Saturday defended the Mali government's right to hire a private Russian military company to help fight terrorists, accusing French troops in the country of failing to get rid of them and scolding the European Union for...

Canadian recounts her abduction by jihadis in Burkina Faso

Sep. 22, 2021 04:56 AM EDT

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) — Nearly a year and a half after being abducted by Islamic extremists in Burkina Faso, Edith Blais risked her life to escape, fearing she’d never be free. ”(What you’re thinking is either) you stay there your whole life and you die...

West Africa to impose bans, freeze assets of Guinea junta

Sep. 16, 2021 17:45 PM EDT

ACCRA, Ghana (AP) — West African leaders have decided to impose travel bans and freeze financial assets of members of Guinea’s ruling junta and their families after a coup more than a week ago, according to the bloc known as ECOWAS. The decisions were announced...

Macron, Merkel meet in Paris on world's crises, EU issues

Sep. 16, 2021 14:25 PM EDT

PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Paris Thursday to discuss international crises and European issues, days before elections that will determine who succeeds her after 16 years in office. Key topics include the...

France calls killing of Islamic State leader big victory

Sep. 16, 2021 07:52 AM EDT

PARIS (AP) — The leader of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara died of wounds from a drone strike that hit him on a motorcycle last month in southern Mali, in a French-led operation involving backup from U.S., EU, Malian and Nigerien military forces, French authorities said Thursday. ...

France says head of Islamic State in Sahara has been killed

Sep. 15, 2021 21:15 PM EDT

BAMAKO, Mali (AP) — France's president announced the death of Islamic State in the Greater Sahara's leader late Wednesday, calling Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi's killing “a major success” for the French military after more than eight years fighting extremists in the Sahel. ...

French president says head of the Islamic State of the Greater Sahara, Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi, has been killed

Sep. 15, 2021 20:00 PM EDT
BAMAKO, Mali (AP) — French president says head of the Islamic State of the Greater Sahara, Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi, has been killed.

Germany concerned by talk of Russian mercenary ops in Mali

Sep. 15, 2021 13:08 PM EDT

BERLIN (AP) — The German government expressed concern Wednesday at reports on the possible deployment of Russian mercenaries in Mali. Germany has several hundred soldiers taking part in United Nations stabilization and European Union training missions in the West...

Children a big part of migration through perilous Darien Gap

Sep. 14, 2021 15:12 PM EDT

NECOCLI, Colombia (AP) — Every day, at least 500 migrants from around the world sail out of Necocli, a small town on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, across the Gulf of Uraba to the village of Acandi, to start a week-long trek through the jungle that takes them into Panama — the next stop on...

Military junta opens talks over Guinea's future post-coup

Sep. 14, 2021 14:29 PM EDT

CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) — Guinea's longtime opposition leaders voiced support Tuesday for the country's new military rulers as a four-day summit got under way that is aimed at charting the West African nation's future following a coup just over a week ago. Pressure,...