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White House imposing sanctions as Sudan's warring sides fail to abide by cease-fire deal

Jun. 01, 2023 16:36 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House announced Thursday that it will impose sanctions against key defense companies and people who "perpetuate violence" in Sudan as the warring sides failed to abide by a cease-fire agreement in the northeastern African nation. New visa restrictions...

White House says it will levy sanctions in Sudan as warring parties fail 'to abide by the ceasefire'

Jun. 01, 2023 11:01 AM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — White House says it will levy sanctions in Sudan as warring parties fail 'to abide by the ceasefire.'

Sudan's military says it has suspended its participation in talks with paramilitary rival

May. 31, 2023 18:32 PM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — Sudan’s military suspended its participation in talks with a paramilitary force it's been battling for weeks for control of the northeastern African country, a military spokesman said Wednesday. The development was a blow to the United States and Saudi Arabia, who...

Trapped by Sudan fighting, dozens of infants, toddlers and children died in Khartoum orphanage

May. 31, 2023 12:54 PM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — At least 60 infants, toddlers and older children perished over the past six weeks while trapped in harrowing conditions in an orphanage in Sudan’s capital as fighting raged outside. Most died from lack of food and from fever. Twenty-six died in two days over the...

Sudan army, rival force agree to extend truce after mediators show impatience with breaches

May. 29, 2023 14:54 PM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — Sudan’s warring sides on Monday agreed to extend a shaky cease-fire in their battle for control of the country, after two key international mediators signaled impatience with persistent truce violations. The five-day extension of the cease-fire between Sudan’s...

UN agencies warn of starvation risk in Sudan, Haiti, Burkina Faso and Mali, call for urgent aid

May. 29, 2023 06:26 AM EDT

ROME (AP) — Two U.N. agencies warned Monday of rising food emergencies including starvation in Sudan due to the outbreak of war and in Haiti,Burkina Faso and Mali due to restricted movements of people and goods. The four countries join Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and...

US, Saudi Arabia call for warring sides in Sudan to extend 'imperfect' cease-fire

May. 28, 2023 11:28 AM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — The United States and Saudi Arabia called on warring sides in Sudan to extend a fragile cease-fire due to expire Monday, as weeks of fighting reached a stalemate in the capital and elsewhere in the African country. The Sudanese army and a rival paramilitary force,...

Sudan military ruler seeks removal of UN envoy in letter to UN chief, who is 'shocked' by the demand

May. 27, 2023 22:31 PM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — Sudan's military ruler demanded in a letter to the U.N. secretary general that the U.N. envoy to his country be removed, officials said Saturday. The U.N. chief was “shocked” by the letter, a spokesman said. The envoy, Volker Perthes, has been a key mediator in...

Thousands of exhausted South Sudanese head home, fleeing brutal conflict

May. 27, 2023 10:01 AM EDT

RENK, South Sudan (AP) — Tens of thousands of exhausted people are heading home to the world's youngest country as they flee a brutal conflict in neighboring Sudan. There's a bottleneck of men, women and children camping near the dusty border of Sudan and South Sudan and the...

Saudi Arabia and the US say Sudan's warring sides appear to be better abiding by latest cease-fire

May. 26, 2023 15:37 PM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — Saudi Arabia and the United States said Friday the warring sides in Sudan's conflict are adhering better to a new, weeklong cease-fire following days of sporadic fighting. The truce, brokered by Riyadh and Washington, went into effect on Monday, but fighting continued...